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*dun dun dun* [26 May 2005|10:25am]
Ok, so like, I have to call H&M and totally tell them I don't want a job anymore cause I'm working at Spencer Gifts and I'm scared.

OK OK here goes...

DAMMIT she isnt in 'till two.
Shit, I shoulda left a message.


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these haikus are fantastic..sometimes. [30 Mar 2005|05:32am]
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:eyesofmarch
Your haiku:go clean up my room
real good.over and out with
the original
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:eyesofmarch
Your haiku:points of a young girls
life had been recorded in
it and reading it
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:eyesofmarch
Your haiku:an hour and a half
in my mouth you know that taste
the one u get when
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:eyesofmarch
Your haiku:points writing poetry
points attended shows or more
in a candy store
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:eyesofmarch
Your haiku:mitch and some other
random person and they were
singing brown eyed girl
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:eyesofmarch
Your haiku:is mediocrie at best
and he wore an eyepatch and
stuff it was so good
Created by Grahame
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And the days go by.... [19 Oct 2004|02:32pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

UHhhh....an update is in order LOL


OK, just kidding.

Um....I don't go to Nassau anymore b/c I'm too cool for that.

And I lost my computer for awhile, but now it's back with stories of the world to tell...

and boys still suck

i still love Alex

works still great...

and I'm now offically 18 and legal, OFFICIALLY!

I think thats all for now...

ta ta.

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Like a fat kid in a candy store, she's as happy as can be... [25 Sep 2004|12:48am]
[ mood | happy ]

YES! My loves, tonight was so good that im ACTUALLY UPDATING! to tell u about it.
Alex and i merched for Patent Pending tonight, and it was amazing.

The people LOVED US!!!! Girls were asking to taking pictures with us and kept telling us how cool we were and,m well BUYING STUFF! WE MADE P.P. ALOT OF MONEY TONIGHT!

And, to top it all off, Joe played "Sweet Tooth" like he promised and Micheal dedicated "Cheer Up Emo Kid" to us, pointing back at us the whole time.

it was awsome.

AND i got my LA. shirt FOR FREE!!!

Alright, so there u have it.

Be jealous, BYE!!!!


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STUFF!!! [31 Aug 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

check what I got!!!!

*Uh Huh! My mama bought this for me as a starting college gift, EEEE!!!!!

So I start college tomrrow.
stuff' been happenin', but heh, why do u care?
K bye!

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it's...not...your's...FUCK YOU!!!!! [18 Aug 2004|10:51am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm wide awake right now, and it's really awful.
I'm reading my Courtney Love biography by Poppy Z. Brite for the 3rd time.
I wish i could have a life as exciting as her's was.
It makes me think of how much I miss Marissa, my little Cruton. Being in 8th grade and hating our English teacher b/c he was too nice to the wrong people. Coming to my house and listening to Kittie. Walking to science and saying "bye bye" like at the end of Hole's "Rockstar". When "Pixiemeat" was our nickname for Bret Deleginer and not just Courtney's early nickname for Kurt. I wish she was allowed out more. One day I'm gonna get her when she doesn't have work (and when I don't either for that matter), and steal her away. And we can go shop at Northern Thrift and eat Tian Tian untill we yak, and smoke cigarettes, and I can help her not be scared of all the dirty old men we'd see. 'Cause shes like that sometimes. <3. One day Marissa, watch the fuck out. <33333

So work (although quite amazing) has been consuming most of my time. I sleep untill i HAVE to wake up for work, get ready and leave, work, then go out with Alex until 2 in the morning. So I haven't been seeing my family, and it sucks. Alex and I have decided we need new friends in new place, b/c our's suck. Well, I've mentally decided, but since we are the same person, I'm sure Alex has mentally decided too.

Speaking of work, I looked damn hot for it today. I wore my black dickies shirt and these cute new shoes i bought. 4 1/2" black wedge heels with white poka dots, a big bow in top of the open toe, and a tie around the ankle. Black cardigan over a wifebeater, white and black poka-dot scarf in my (now fading out of black to copper) hair, and of course all the properly matching jewlery. I looked hot enough to fuck with the outfit still on. And it wouldn't be tough, who wears panties under a just-above-the-knee skirt anyway? ;)

Anyway, a few day's ago I (and my brother, strangely enough) recieved Ava's invation for her joint Party Monster/Babalyon (from Queer As Folk) sweet 16 party, and I'm really excited to go.

And for my first unbelieveably uneeded expensive splurge for my new job, I bought that personal Hello Kitty CD player at Target for like $40, it's so cute. I wanna dance around the house in my PJ's wearing it while I listen to my Patent Pending mix, or my Down&Out with The Dolls soundtrack, but I haven't had the fucking time. Which also sucks. =(

I'm trying to think if there's anything else worth updating. But I don't think there is.

Oh, Lauren left for college in the FLA on Monday, which made me really sad. She's leaving but she'll rock it so hard down there. She gave me a little leproad jewlery box, and I plan on keeping my insense cones/body jewlery in there when I finally get around to getting my nose pierced.
This event also reminded me that I will indeed too be starting college soon. Sept. 1st in fact, at the NCC.

I'm GOING to clean my room and also finish up that checklist in my user info by the time school starts. Well, get started on it anyway.

Ok well I think thats it for now.
later on.

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Search & Destroy is a fucking jip!! [25 Jul 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Today was SO MUCH FUN!
It was Nicole's little birthday sware' and me, Nicole, her g/f Jessica, Jessica's gay friend Nick, Steven, Rachel, Christina, Nick C., Pam, and these 2 AMAZING girls Heather and Gina all packed into the GET-TOE party bus, and headed towards St. Mark's place. What an amazing block. We went to the infamous Search & Destroy, which was really cool but a fucking JIP! Stupid fucking thriftstore clothes that smelled awful were being sold for $85 a piece, no joke, fuck that. Then we stopped into a tattoo place cause I was itching to get my nose pierced. But since I didn't wanna pay the money and have my mom rip it out when I got home, i decided against it. And Rachel got her tounge pierced! What an intense thing to watch dude, seirously.
Well i popped into this musty record store and found the "Down and Out With The Dolls" soundtrack for $10! *BAM*! Then we passed by a comic book store, in which they had Tank GIrl volumes 1 and 3. But since i was running low on cash, i didnt get either. So then we went to Trash & Vaudville, in which Heather got a butt-length, TIGHT black polyester skirt that said SLUT in neon purple all over it, and I {with alittle help from everyone} got this cool Lucky13 windbreaker.
Well then we went to the Hardrock Cafe' and ate and Heather and I touched one of Courtney Love's guitars b/c we are both apparently fanatics. Then on the way home, we stopped and the limo diver Richie bought us porn and beer and we all drank and read the mags and gave eachother lap dances once the alcohol kicked in. It was a real blast to end the night with, and I had an amazing time.
..and to think I almost didn't go.
Well life is Ok for now I suppose. Work's been hard but thats OK 'cause it's money.
I bought a cool 3's Company off the shoulder shirt at work yesterday and I wore it today and it's awsome.
OH! And I hope u all like my Horropops layout as much as I do, because I finally got around to buying "Hell Yeah!" a few days ago and it's AMAZING!!!!

Alright then chillen's.

Untill next time....


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If there's a bussel in you hedgegrow, don't be alarmed now... [13 Jul 2004|02:53pm]
[ mood | awake ]

OOoOoOoooOoO....oh geez...

Hmmm...Alex yelled at me yesterday because I never update my journal, so here goes...

Shits been happenin', cool stuff that you probably couldn't even handle to READ!

I'm quitting Carvel because I got a new and quite fabulous job at TORRID. (big girl store)

And i'm excited.

DAN CAME OVER YESTERDAY!!!! I'm always so happy to see that fool.

We chilled and played Mario Kart and he burned me The Grey Album, and we talked a shitload as usual. Then we went and got Alex, and he dropped us off and headed to his cousin's house. Then me and Alex in the mother fuckin' pouring rain went to Taco Bell (where we saw Kristina Winn! DUN DUN DUN), then CVS for candy, then Carvel where I pee'd outside because I didn't want to mess up Andrew and Jackie's then fresh mopping job inside. Then we sat for like an hour and a half in my car in Alex's parking lot, talking and making prank phone calls and pissing ourselves with laughter as usual. I love that girl oh so much.

"Why does it smell like a burp in here?"
"Because I just burped!"

"Why does it smell like shit in here?"

"I fucking love you, fuck me beautiful!!!"

OK, so, I'm gonna go clean up my room real good.

Over and out.

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the car arrives at 7... [04 Jul 2004|12:49am]
[ mood | happy ]

Aw, today was fun.
i got to sleep late and got taco bell and cleaned and got ready to go see DAVE CHAPELLE!!! with the fratello.
My mom was going to be in Boston and she didn't want me driving to Woodbury and back, so she spoke to her friend Joe and he sent us a limo. It was so rockstar.When we pulled up to the venue, everyone was like OH! LIMO! then 2 honkies who look like the Osbourne kids' stunt doubles come out lol. oh poo.

it was fun.

and we came home and watched Half Baked in tribute.
I was eating those green Doritos before, and when i was done, I had that after make out taste in my mouth. You know that taste, the one u get when someone's dirty tounge was just all over your dirty tounge.
Then I brushed my teeth. ha.

Anyway, stupid work tomrrow early.
At least im with Alex.
So i should get some sleep.

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'Cause this anit highschool... [24 Jun 2004|05:00pm]
Oh geez, senior yer us over!!\lol
prom tomrrow!

alot of shit has been goin down..BOO YA GRANDMA! FOr the fucking Tercel brah.
alex goes from being a lying sack of shit to indeed having to take a shit.
i told her id pull over and give her some napkins, but she politiely refused.
we have boys now.
carvel is ok.
ive bee thinkin of a certain boy alot lately...
and thats about it.
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"In the berry..." [31 May 2004|01:25am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

this weekend has been pretty bitchin' thus far...
yesterday was Ronnie's party and i saw lots of people and it was just cool.

tonight was better though b/c me, alex, alyssa, john s, john c, and matt all when to the fair..where i got this bling:


then TACO BELL, where we accidentally and ironically ran into Enrique, and he dubbed with me the nickname Lazer oh yeah!

then allll around Long Island, doing what, i dont even remember.

and what a way to fucking end it, i have work for 7 fucking hours tomrrow, i'm scared.

night night.

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OOO SSHHYYYTT!!!! [25 May 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

oh kids, guess what?!.....




thats right, i rule.
i hit the curb, but i re-did it correctly and performed smoothly on everything else, and thats all that matters!!!

new and better job...here i come.

OK, ready, despite ANYTHING that ANYONE has ever done for me in the past, from now on, I hate everyone, and unless you treat me nicely, u can fuck off.

im graduating, i dont need to take ur shit or stay ur friend.


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like disco lemonade... [12 May 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | just fine ]

Well, um, i'm content-ish and what have u, and feel like updating.
Nothing really terribly important has been happening.
Prom is coming up, and ill be graduating high school in alittle over a month, which i now cant believe.
It's so weird, I remember being in like, 3rd grade, and thinking that by 12th grade id be amrried and driving with 3 kids, it seemed soo far away.

And now it's here.

But, for whatever reason, i dont feel like this summer is gonna be the huge blast of a summer.

Anyone of exstreme importance is staying here.

Theyre not going anywhere so it's not like ill have to spend this "precious time" with them..considering i pretty much everyone as of late.

so whatever.

the 29th, thats all i gotta say.

and u know what sucks?
when all u can think about is this guy, that u KNOW ud be perfect with, everybody says so.
But ur friendship with him is mediocrie at best and he HAS a girlfriend.
:( *tear*

the brightness of this journal is bugging me, im gonna change it in like two seconds...



ok bye.

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Voicemails of the elite.... [10 May 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | i dont care... ]

Hey it's Alex, leave me a message...

uh, hey, its me, um, i just wanted to see if we were still chillin this weekend.

Yeah it's Val, leave one.

uh, hey, yea i guess, call me later

...yeah, feel excluded...

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WE'RE ON X!!!!! [08 May 2004|01:52am]
[ mood | sleepy... ]

Devotchka night with Alex in the DP!!!!
Saw some show at shome shitty place that reminded me of highschool...
here are the pics....


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**How SCENE Are YOU?!** [26 Apr 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

1. studded belt - 2 points: 0
2. dyed black hair - 2 points: 2
3. thick rimed glasses - 2 points: 0
4. tight shirts/pants - 2 points: 2
5. gaudy belt buckle - 2 points: 2
6. clothing bought from a thrift store - 2 points: 0
7. having hair with bangs longer than the rest - 2 points: 0
8. trucker hats - 2 points: 0
9. messenger bag - 3 points: 3
10. livejournal/myspace/friendster account - 2 points each: 6
11. saucony/new balance/ converse shoes - 2 points per pair: 4
12. mountian climbing key thingy - 2 points: 0
13. X'd up mosh gloves - 10 points: 0
14. scarf - 2 points: 0
15. refering to bands as acronym - 2 points: 2
16. vegan diet - 5 points: 0
17. vegitarian diet - for shame, no points: ok....0
18. food not bombs participation - 5 points: 0
19. straight edge - 5 points: 0
20. own a digital camera - 3 points: 3
21. using adj from the late 80's/ early 90's (i.e. rad, gnarly, rockin', etc.) 1 point for each word in vernacular: 4
22. pins/buttons 1/2 point each: 6 give or take
23. plugs/body piercings - 2 points each: 0
24. vinyl collection - 10 points: 0
25. moldy peaches fan - 10 points: 10!!!
26. liking metal seriously - deduct 5 points: 0
27. liking metalcore - 5 points: 5
28. reading books over 300 pages long - 3 points: 0
39. riding a bike - 5 points: 0
30. participating in "the mosh" - 5 points: 5
31. tea aficianado - 5 points: 0
32. writing poetry - 5 points: 5
33. attended 50 shows or more in a year - 2 points: 2
34. attending hell fest - 5 points: 0
35. being in a band - 5 points: 0
36. working at an record store/health food store - 5 points: 0
37. clapping durring midpaced part of a song - 5 points: 5

TOTAL-66 *I PASSED!* lol

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and the days go by.... [25 Apr 2004|06:04am]
[ mood | awake ]

I found my old journal tonight (since even though tonight was like 5 straight hours of pure excurshed energy, i couldnt sleep) and i mean my OLD journal..ina red marble notebook ive had since 7th grade! and pretty much all of the major points of a young girls life had been recorded in it. And reading it made me really happy. It made me realize that i have not wasted my life at all, as i have been thinking as of late....i'm an awsome kid, and thats not gonna change...

...star getting jealous now.

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Uh Oh Whitney, watch out nah!!! [24 Apr 2004|12:41am]
What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnJanuary 1, 2015
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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Scream at me, untill my ears bleed, I'm taking heed just for you... [20 Apr 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Wow, ALOT of shit has happened, but I don't really feel like typing it all...
..in nutshell:

Beach with Phil, Cristy, Cruton, and Matt {good times, of course}

NORMA JEAN!!!!! (kid on line feel onto me and on the ground, I was pissed until i noticed he was having a seziure)

ummmm.....i cant think of anything else...OH!

Meeting DP Phil, and he's hot.

I saw alex like everyday

i started work.

got my first pay check

the weathers nice

sware' at matt's (now im going out of order)


and i cant think of anything else...

Ok bye!!!!

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PAY UP, NUKKA!!!! [12 Apr 2004|02:16am]
[ mood | content ]

Oh man, I think I want this tattoo...
$$$Collapse )

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